What is WelFarm?

WelFarm is a web-based programme that works on the principle of measuring, managing and monitoring. Your vet clinic gathers the data and works with you to analyse your results and make plans to help you get the best from your herd.

Why Use WelFarm?

The WelFarm programme measures a wide range of key performance and animal wellness assurance parameters. These measures are all important, and interlink with each other to provide a holistic animal health picture which can be used to determine where productivity solutions could be implemented.

WelFarm has been designed by XLVets NZ and formally endorsed by the New Zealand Veterinary Association (NZVA). Running on New Zealand Dairy farms since 2013.

Meet the team

Want to find out more about the WelFarm programme?

Does your vet clinic offer WelFarm? Let them know you're keen to find out more about monitoring your dairy herd health and wellbeing, or let us know directly and we will get in touch.