WelFarm is a web-based programme that works on the principle of measuring, managing and monitoring. Your vet clinic gathers the data and works with you to analyse your results and make plans to help you get the best from your herd.

We know the value of benchmarking financials within a business so it makes sense to look at your herd too. It also meets the Animals part of the Co-operative Difference for Fonterra suppliers.


Here's how it works

The WelFarm Calendar

Throughout the season various herd health and welfare metrics are collected and added into the WelFarm portal which populates your dashboard with live benchmarking. It’s about painting the big picture, seeing the elements together to gain the deeper understanding of what is happening on farm, showing what is going well and how we can improve.

WelFarm Reporting

Farmers enrolled in WelFarm with their vet clinic have access to the WelFarm portal to view their information.

WelFarm Dashboard

As each piece of data is entered into the programme, a dial will display on the dashboard.

The dials are colour coded and arrows populate on the dial to show where the farm sits compared to the regional and national benchmarks for each metric.

Comparative reports

Once you are starting to build seasonal data within the WelFarm portal, you and your vet are able to dive deeper into some of your metrics, comparing across seasons using line charts, bar charts or tables.

The comparisons include the regional and national benchmarks and provide a great opportunity to analyse trends and assess impacts in areas you are trying to improve.

Wellbeing plans

Fonterra are asking their suppliers to develop and implement an animal wellbeing plan with their veterinarian in order to achieve within The Co-operative Difference. WelFarm has a template that captures what Fonterra are looking for within Wellbeing plans.

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