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Reducing the impact of NEB for mating

A negative energy balance (NEB) is when the energy demands for lactation, maintenance and activity are not met by dietary intake and the cow is forced to mobilise its fat and muscle to provide energyRead more

Wellbeing plans to your advantage

Now we have a season under our belt, vets and farmers are starting to get a handle on what it means to develop and implement a wellbeing plan for a herd. So how do we keep the momentum and take itRead more

Draw the line with selective dry cow

Antibiotic use is under increased pressure because any time we use antibiotics there is an increased risk of bacteria developing resistance.Read more

What can we use BCS data for?

As the season progresses, our focus needs to shift towards next season. How you manage the herd will have more impact on their performance next season than the current one. There is sound scienceRead more

Repro review - where to start?

Just as they do after every All Black’s game, we should analyse results and identify opportunities. Pregnancy testing offers an opportune time to assess reproductive performance and herdRead more

A lame problem

Sick of dealing with lame cows, North Canterbury farmer Sam Spencer-Bower decided to take a proactive approach with some preventative hoof trimming.  But he was concerned they weren’t picking upRead more

Do the locomotion

The best time to perform a locomotion score is six to eight weeks after mating has started as lameness has the biggest impact at that time of the season. Have you ever had a locomotion scoreRead more

Data improves decision making

Measurement data helps farmers better manage their operations, the more information they have, the more they can make decisions that are tailored to their farm and herd’s specific needs. If weRead more

Wellbeing plans offer more than compliance

A wellbeing plan helps unlock the Co-operative Difference milk payment for Fonterra suppliers and there is a close relationship between well-cared for cows and good milk production. Imagine if youRead more

Tail scoring is a valuable tool

Performing tail scoring allows farms to create a benchmark and identify any handling issues. If you don’t record and benchmark how can you know if you have a problem or work to fix it?  ByRead more

Protect farm productivity with pain relief

There are economical benefits to utilising pain relief during treatment or routine procedures with dairy animals.Read more