WelFarm and Miraka integration supports farmers

Miraka and WelFarm have joined forces to reduce administrative tasks for farmers and empower them to focus on their core responsibilities. Recognising their shared goal, both parties decided to integrate their digital systems to support their mutual farmers.

Through this collaboration, WelFarm's digital portal, which is widely used by veterinary clinics across the country, will be integrated with Miraka's systems that capture information related to their excellence programme, Te Ara Miraka.

WelFarm is a proactive tool that veterinarians use to monitor herd health and well-being, track progress, and compare performance at both regional and national levels. And it already collects some of the necessary data that Miraka suppliers require to adhere to Te Ara Miraka standards.

By leveraging this integration, the verification process will now automatically flow between WelFarm and Miraka systems.

As a result, when it comes to on-farm assessments, there is no longer a need to manually check adherence to some of the Te Ara Miraka standards.

Farmers are encouraged to speak with their veterinarians about joining the WelFarm programme, as it offers automation benefits and enables them to optimise herd monitoring.