Consolidate health and welfare markers

The WelFarm programme measures a wide range of key performance and animal wellness assurance parameters. These measures are all important, and interlink with each other to provide a holistic animal health picture which can be used to determine where productivity solutions could be implemented.

Benchmark for context

With your data we are able to benchmark your farm nationally and locally to help you better understand the key animal health markers.

Look for opportunities and measure impacts

Measuring and benchmarking will help identify areas where farm productivity and animal wellness could be optimised. Even a small shift in in-calf rates, reducing somatic cell count, reducing mastitis and increased milk solids can have significant impact on the production performance. 

Work with your local veterinarian to interpret the information and receive the best advice and develop plans to reach your farm performance and animal health goals.

Animal wellness assurance

Utilising WelFarm provides assurance to a range of stakeholders, including the growing power of big food retailers and food brands to satisfy the demands of their consumers with regard to food safety, animal health and well-being.



Wellbeing plans

What are the benefits for farmers?


Allows farmers to benchmark on a regional and national scale against other farms included in the programme.


Look for opportunities to prevent problems and save you time, effort and money in the long run.


Creates a consistent framework to work with your vet and wider team.


Provides a single platform for display of animal health and wellbeing data in a simple and easy to read format.

Paper work

Does not require any additional on-farm paper work therefore, removing responsibility of data input from the farmers to the clinic.


Usable data and year on year comparisons help to identify trends or changes on farm.        

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