Manage what you measure

Pressure from the economic landscape heightens awareness among farmers to monitor costs, but the challenge lies in determining what can and cannot be affordably reduced.

 It's crucial to recognise that saving a buck now could cost five down the track.

Having access to data and expert advice becomes essential to prioritise spending and make informed decisions for your farming business. And when it comes to your herd, that is where WelFarm comes in.

WelFarm offers a proactive approach to herd monitoring by:

  • Consolidating data captured by vets and techs, as well as collated information from other sources, all in one place. 

  • Comparing against regional and national benchmarks to gain valuable insights into the herd's performance and potential areas for improvement. 

  • Prioritise investments wisely, ensuring that both time and money are well spent, and potential issues are nipped in the bud, preventing escalated costs in the long run.

Veterinary clinics across the country that become members of WelFarm also become part owners of the platform, ensuring that it stays true to its mission of adding value on farms.

When farms join the WelFarm programme they collaboratively plan the upcoming season with their vet clinic, scheduling various activities at key times. Relevant information is entered into the WelFarm portal, which the farmers can also access. The portal serves as a valuable repository, containing comments and recommendations surrounding the data, which can be referred back to in future seasons.

More farmers are engaging every season, seeing the need to understand what is happening with their herd to front foot any issues, compare to other farms, and get tailored support from their vet.