WelFarm GM takes next career step

Samantha Tennent, who has served as the General Manager of WelFarm for the past three and a half years, demonstrates the impact that networking and leadership can have on an organisation’s mission and objectives.

During her tenure, Samantha has made significant strides in advancing WelFarm's goals, fostering a culture of collaboration, and implementing strategic initiatives to improve and grow the WelFarm programme. Under her supervision, WelFarm has grown to include 23 separate veterinary businesses that together oversee almost 2 million cows. 

Additionally, WelFarm has expanded from just being an on-farm animal welfare programme to include various processor wellbeing plans, with other developments in the wings. These initiatives make it easier for veterinarians to work with their farmers and processors to continue to provide welfare assurance on farm. 

Mark Bryan, Managing Director of WelFarm, is pleased with the growth of WelFarm and its adoption by many progressive veterinary businesses, and expressed gratitude for Samantha's contributions, noting her dedication, professionalism, and unwavering commitment to WelFarm.

"Samantha has been an invaluable asset to WelFarm during her time as General Manager," Bryan remarked.

"Her leadership has been important in driving our efforts forward, and we are truly grateful for her hard work and dedication."

As Samantha prepares to transition to the next career phase, the WelFarm Board extends its best wishes for her future endeavours. While her departure will undoubtedly be felt, there is a sense of excitement and anticipation for the impact she will continue to make in her next role. Samantha will transition from the WelFarm role into her new role by the end of July, with the intention to have a replacement in place by then.