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Tail scoring

Locomotion scoring

Teat scoring

Clinic charging examples

Example 1: Seasonal "WelFarm" fee

A monthly charge for every farm signed up for WelFarm that covers:

  • The per cow subscription fee back to WelFarm

  • Some administration time for data upload (generally 2 hours/season)

  • Vet ‘consult’ time for any feedback during the season and discussions reviewing results

From there each on-farm service charged as they occur i.e. BCS, locomotion score, tail score. This allows an easy, customisable package for farmers and keeping it simple if they reduce or add services throughout the season.

Example 2: Base price +

All farms are charged a $500 base fee, plus a per cow fee based on the package they choose:

Intro package

  • 2x whole herd BCS

  • 1x locomotion score

Intermediate package

  • Flexible package, farmer picks which services they want

Premium package

  • 3x mob BCS

  • 1x whole herd BCS

  • 1x locomotion score

  • 1x tail score

  • All other metrics

  • Vet consult including animal wellbeing plan developed if required

Example 3: Per cow fee, adjusted for services selected

Using this Excel calculator to determine the fees per cow based on the services selected and the frequency of charging.