WelFarm saves time for assessment prep

Exciting news from us here at WelFarm - we have just established an automated link that allows us to notify Fonterra when a farm has completed their Animal Wellbeing Plan with their vet through the WelFarm portal.

This means one less piece of paper Fonterra suppliers will need to gather when preparing for their on-farm assessment. And the plans are stored in the portal so when farms do want to want to refer to them they can easily log in to find it, which saves sifting through emails or requesting another copy from their vet.

Recognising we were in a unique position connecting vets and farmers through the wider WelFarm programme, we developed our Animal Wellbeing Plan template in response to the updated requirements from Fonterra for the Co-operative Difference.

If a farm is using the wider WelFarm programme some of their metrics feed into the Animal Wellbeing Plan directly which gives vets and farmers more information to discuss as they develop their plans.

It made sense to us to include a simple method to help farmers develop their Animal Wellbeing Plans and leverage their data further.

And having a consistent approach to develop plans is valuable for farmers, Fonterra and the wider sector and using our system gives peace of mind as our template is live and gets updated as Fonterra’s requirements evolve, which saves any back and forth if any updates were missed.

Talk to your vet about getting your next Animal Wellbeing Plan through the WelFarm portal.