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The heat is on

The global impact of heat stress on the dairy industry is projected to cost a staggering $50 billion NZD by 2050, accompanied by a remarkable 137% increase in carbon dioxide emissions compared toRead more

Animal health impacts emissions

Better animal health leads to reduced emissions, a world-first report has revealed. Exciting messaging about the direct relationship between animal health and emissions was announced during the 2023Read more

WelFarm and Miraka integration supports farmers

Miraka and WelFarm have joined forces to reduce administrative tasks for farmers and empower them to focus on their core responsibilities. Recognising their shared goal, both parties decided toRead more

Chasing Cows and Conversations: A Kiwi's perspective on the 2023 World Dairy Summit

Bring up an international event, and Sam already has her bag packed before you finish talking. So, when the chance to attend the International Dairy Federation (IDF) 2023 World Dairy Summit inRead more

Time-saving strategies: Cutting antibiotic use on farms

Considerable benefits arise from reducing the number of red cows, including saved time and decreased milk contamination. FMG reports that over 60% of their contamination claims are linked toRead more

Pain relief for lame cows: a game-changer

The traditional method to approach lameness involves corrective trimming of the affected area. For moderate to severe cases, applying a hoof block to the opposite claw is common practice. Strangely,Read more

Manage what you measure

Pressure from the economic landscape heightens awareness among farmers to monitor costs, but the challenge lies in determining what can and cannot be affordably reduced.Read more

WelFarm TAG turns one

The WelFarm Technical Advisory Group (TAG) was established about a year ago. Members include WelFarm Governance Board member, Stephen Hopkinson, as Chair with vets Greg Lindsay and Ben Finlayson, andRead more

More info, better results on BOP farm

Following recommendations from her vet has been a game changer for Janet Poihipi. She is managing 400 cows near Hawai on State Highway 35 on the East Coast of the North Island and has seen greatRead more

Bang out BVD

A BVD outbreak could be costing the average herd nearly ten thousand dollars per season, with the latest research suggesting the direct losses are at least $22.22 per cow.  BVD affects reproduction,Read more

Telling tails

It is not uncommon for vets to tell us that some of their farmers are reluctant to have a tail score performed on their herd. It is a sensitive subject that is probably driven by the number ofRead more

Canterbury farmer loves the data

We caught up with Todd Portsmouth from Oxford Farming in Canterbury to find out what he thinks about WelFarm.Read more